Allianz web applications require Javascript to be enabled in the browser.
Javascript is currently disabled in this browser.

To enable in

  1. Go to Settings page.
  2. Bottom of the page click on Show Advanced Settings.
  3. Click on Content Settings.
  4. Under javascript heading Enable Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)
  5. Click Done
more details on chrome settings...
  1. Go to Tools, Options.
  2. Go to Content tab.
  3. Go to Content tab.
  4. Click Ok.
more details on Firefox settings...
Internet Explorer
  1. Go to Tools, InternetOptions.
  2. Go To Security Tab
  3. Click on Custom Level Button.
  4. Security Settings pop up will display.
  5. Under Scripting section, Enable Active Scripting.
  6. Click OK
more details on Internet Explorer settings...